We buy scrap cars for cash!

Damaged or wrecked car? Too expensive to fix? We will buy it for cash!

Service available in the UAE only! Tel. 050-5350770 E-mail: info [@] dubaiscrapcars [dot] com

We buy old, non-working, unwanted or damaged cars for cash. If it's causing you headache and doesn't take you places - we'll help you get rid of it, and will help you make some money in the process!

If the estimate for fixing your car is higher than its value, or it's a wreck, or nobody wants to buy your clunker, we can buy it for cash.

You can benefit from our scrap services even if the vehicle is disassembled or located in another workshop, at an insurance company, or anywhere - we will take care of transportation and will do the paperwork.

Do not abandon your vehicle - we offer you an easy and legal way to have the registration canceled with the authorities, get an insurance refund, have the vehicle recycled in an environmentally friendly way, and make some cash.

If your car is in that downward spiral of endless repairs and countless hours in the workshop that cost you more than the car itself, it becomes a liability. Call us at 050-5350770 for a free estimate, and we will take away the bad taste from the whole experience.

Call 050-5350770 for a FREE CONSULTATION and a QUOTE.


Think before abandoning a car - there are ways to have it all done legally and with no hassle.

This is an example of the feedback that we receive from our customers every day:

I was desperate after receiving exorbitant quotes for repairing my BMW - there was no way I was paying more for what this car was worth! I was thinking of abandoning the car when a friend asked me why I don't sell it for scrap. From there on it was easy - the guys from Dubai Scrap Cars did the paperwork, helped me with the insurance refund, and towed it from the workshop that it was in... and paid my first three months' installments for my brand new car.

-- Predrag, Dubai Marina

With our services everyone is a winner!